We do a lot of pictures every day, we shoot 300 photos every party with a friends, we put half of the into recycle bin immidetly, and we can list 1 photo per second. 20 years ago photographers shoot film and had just maximum 36 pictures. They had to think more each time they gonna click...
Live emotions Smile Autumn portrait Portrait
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You may plan everything, but weather! You'll never guess what wheather will be wait for you at your wedding day. And i always tell the couples: "Just forget about the weather, be with each other, feel each other and love each other in this wonderfull day, and i'll get amaizing pictures despite of the weather"
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It's a one of my favorite fashion photosession, happend by great idea of Maria Lipatnikova slylist. It was idea about chocolate. The fashion style has been created by Taisia Zaharova fashion designer.
Chocolate Fashion photo Fashion photo Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Fashion photo Portrait of the model Exclusive dress Fashion photo Interior portrait Interior portrait Exclusive dress Exclusive dress Exclusive dress Exclusive dress Exclusive dress Photo portrait Beautiful dress Beautiful dress Beautiful dress Model interior shooting Fashion Fashion Model interior shooting Fashion Fashion Chocolate photo
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As i promissed, I put first photos from our Bali trip. Nice couple of just married Olga & Nikita. We went to the heart of Bali island together, to make wonderfull romantic pictures nearby waterfalls, amaizing temples. We lived in a very nice bungalow on the north of island. Yes, it was fantastic trip!
Romantic photo in Bali
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At last we are here! "Aventura team" adventure hunters in an island of Paradise! Four just married couples have joined our romantic adventure and amaizing photosession in a Bali! Bungee jumping, surfing, quest in a jungles, romantic moments in the most beautifull places in Bali! Full report is coming very soon!
Adventure and photosession in Bali
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