We are here live in an amazing location! One of the most beautiful places around Novosibirsk city. That was a day before my flight to Maldives, and this was a very morning of frozen landscapes outside. I had no chance to ignore this beauty! I got my camera and bike and gone away from home.
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This picture has been taken in Bali this spring. It's clear photojournalism! No posing! I didn't believe my eyes when i saw it. I can't believe if so young kids can be so tender to each other.
This picture has been taken in Bali this spring.
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Speedway competition taken place in Novosibirsk recent weekend.
Ice races Speedway stings Speedway Speedway bike Ice races Speedway pilot Speedway Ice races Speedway stings Julia
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Picture from the street
Cat on the street
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So special day, it's about -20 outside. But despite of this fact, i was walking around for almost whole the day. So beautiful wintertime in Petersburg! I love it!
Spas in winter Trees in snow in Petersburg House of engeneers Snow in Piter Border in snow. Petersburg Border in snow. Petersburg
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