Shooting in a studio is a most hated thing for me! ) 'Cause i don't like 4 side walls all around, i don't like such boring backgrounds and constant situation. But is was a spring day with a dirty and wet streets outside, so we had to go to the studio for this family session. Actually, it was a present from a mam to her young girl Sneszana. I was really surprised how quick this wonderfull girl can change her mood. From the very first moment she was so serious, and she was totally full of joy and fun 3 minutes lates as soon as we had started photosession. ) After that, i also made a few pictures of Sneszana and her Mam outside with a daylight, which i like much more that studio light. )
Kid's photosession Kid's photosession Portfolio for a young girl Photosession for the kid Family photosesison in a studio Family photosesison with a mother Portrait of a young girl
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This young family got married two years ago in Cyprus, and it was the first destination wedding photosession in my career. And now i've been invited to continue their family story with photosession for young boy who is already 1 year old!
Family photosession Photosession for a kid Family photosession Family photosession Mother & son Mother & son Family photo Young biker Children's photo Children's photo Kid's birthday
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