This new collection of wedding images made by Svetlana Varganova wedding stylist. First you see the winter style. Here's model Anastasiya in her amazing lace wedding dress with elegant hair style and iced bouquet. Then you see autumn. Bright color contrasts, soft tresses and the green eyes of Lilia makes this image so wonderful! Next one is Spring. Blond model Maria in her peachy dress looks brilliant with such sweet blush and elegant bouquet. Yummy summer is Maria. This is strawberry style, very bright and colorful And the last one is retro style. Brunette Elena with brown eyes in her lace wedding dress with batman style sleeves
Winter wedding style Autumn wedding style Spring wedding style Summer wedding style Retro wedding style
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We are here live in an amazing location! One of the most beautiful places around Novosibirsk city. That was a day before my flight to Maldives, and this was a very morning of frozen landscapes outside. I had no chance to ignore this beauty! I got my camera and bike and gone away from home.
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Wedding photosession in a wintertime.
Winter wedding
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One more winter wedding story. I love it! Wintertime brings the fairytale spirit into each photo.
Winter wedding photosession B&W wedding photo B&W wedding photo Portrait of the bride Wedding in winter
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Winter wedding photosession for Pavel & Victoria. This is one of my favorite photosessions! I love to be a photojournalist from time to time, when the couple can share thier love and tender relationships in very bright emotions! I love to fix the moments of real emotions in a wedding day. It was about -35 degrees outside that day, extremely cold siberian weather!
Winter wedding in Novosibirsk Russian wedding Winter wedding with a horse The bride give the horse some food Winter wedding day Wedding on a sleigh in winter Winter photosession Cold weather photo Wedding photosession in a winter forest Groom on a horse Groom on a horse Photosession with a horse Photosession with a horse Love horse Sleihg in winter forest Russian wedding in winter Bride in winter forest Just married in a winter forest Russian bride Tenderless in a winter forest Winter romantic fairytale Fairytale for two Wedding in a winter forest Romantic photosession in winter Portrait of the bride in a winter forest Winter photo in a forest Russian wedding Wedding bouqet in winter The bride and harp Tender emotions Portrit with a candles Portrait in B&W Russian wedding retro photo Russian wedding Tradition russian wedding Russian wedding
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