24 December 2008 | Kids photosession

I was shooting the wedding of Sergey&Nataly quite a long time ago, and they've got a child from that time. I've been asked by Nataly to make a short photosession and i surely agrred to shoot the children's NY celebration for Sibmama project.
Santa. Kids Kids playing Photo of the child Photo of the child Children's clothes Santa. Kids Santa. Kids Child is crying Photo of the child Photo of the child
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30 March 2009 Инна
какой чудесный санта-клаус))))

21 February 2009 zanataly
Лёшик ооооочень трогательно!!! Очень красиво! Ты гений как я всегда и говорила))

14 January 2009 Анастасия
Детишки, такие милые:)

13 January 2009 Олеся К.
супер!!! просто слов нет, одни эмоции!!! положительныеееее!

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