17 October 2008 | Amsterdam. Netherlands.

I didn't want to go to Amsterdam. Seems i felt that i could dislike it. But i should visit the capital anyway. I had arrived there in the very morning and started to looking for Red lights district first. On the way i visited the Dam square and Nieuwe Kerk (New church), which is quite nice. I found the Red lights district at last and was surprised that first few women was so fat and ugly. But the others were much better, even few very nice. There was also the Oude Kerk (Old church) right near this district. It's so funny! That day i visited many museums and followed almost to the opposite part of the city. I've discovered Amsterdam as very boring city, without the special spirit. I think, the almost only thing i liked there is flea market with so many old and nice very cheap things!
Canals of Amsterdam with small boats Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. Old church Bank of Amsterdam Interior of Nieuwe Kerk (New church) Interior of Nieuwe Kerk (New church) Bike from Amsterdam Still life on the street of Amsterdam city The transvestite Canals of Amsterdam with small boats On the Amsterdam streets Ducks on the canals of Amsterdam Church in Amsterdam Biking in Amsterdam On the streets of Amsterdam Canals of Amsterdam with small boats
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17 June 2010 Alex Drjahlov
Ох, откуда же я такое знаю. )

14 June 2010 Леонид Борисович
Работает ли директором в Пцифик дойч финанс банке Mr. Van Bronco?

19 October 2008 muran
Мужик реальное платье присмотрел ;)

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