16 October 2008 | Utrecht. Netherlands.

I was sleeping too much, so much, that now i feel sad about this. During first part of the day me and my friend went to buy a bike for me. Now i'm the king of road! I was asked to send a gift from Novosibirsk to Utrecht. Unfortunately, i arrived to the station too late. But, anyway, i asked the ticket seller which platform i need, and she told №1. While i was waiting for the train, i heared so much of dutch speech everywhere around. And exactly in that moment i didn't remark the information about changing the platform, so i went to a wrong city. Then returned back and went to Utrecht at last. It's really an amazing city, with so beautiful courtyards, canals and the spirit of a very old city! I came back to Leiden almost at night, extremely tired but also completely satisfied. First five photos are from Leiden, others are from Utrecht.
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09 November 2008 Rueda
очень ярко и красиво! вызывает бурю эмоций! супер!

30 October 2008 Абрикосова
Леха! Ну, блин, туристо! Я как ты! Я также перепутала поезда- вместо Рима в Венецию))Гы...) Но я раньше выпрыгнула из поезда)). Леша, кошечка суперская получилась))! А осень там такая яркая, сочная! Спасибо за такие пейзажи!

20 October 2008 Юлия
Алексей - Вы удивительный человек!

19 October 2008 ЁжиГ
........нет слов!! Такая осень мне нравится)) ОЧЕНЬ КРАСИВО!!! ;-) за кошек отдельное спасибо))

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