At last we are here! "Aventura team" adventure hunters in an island of Paradise! Four just married couples have joined our romantic adventure and amaizing photosession in a Bali! Bungee jumping, surfing, quest in a jungles, romantic moments in the most beautifull places in Bali! Full report is coming very soon!
Adventure and photosession in Bali
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It was amaizing wedding! Such emotional couple! The wedding itself took place in Novosibirsk, but we continued photo session in Bali island. I've got a lot of nice pic from that session. But now i wanna share the most interesting pic with you, which was made during the first dance
First wedding dance
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Family photosession for mother and her dauther.
Family photosession in Novosibirsk Birthday photosession Portrait in a studio Portrait of a girl Girl with a flower Studio photosession Portrait of a girl in Novosibirsk B&W portrait B&W portrait Street portrait
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Speedway competition taken place in Novosibirsk recent weekend.
Ice races Speedway stings Speedway Speedway bike Ice races Speedway pilot Speedway Ice races Speedway stings Julia
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Beautiful couple from Saransk. Love story
Love story in a wintertime
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