Photosession for Svetlana. The idea is to show her in a very soft and tender picture. You probably wouldn't believe me, but this pic has been done on the very dirty and cold floor. )
Photosession for model
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Winter wedding photosession for Pavel & Victoria. This is one of my favorite photosessions! I love to be a photojournalist from time to time, when the couple can share thier love and tender relationships in very bright emotions! I love to fix the moments of real emotions in a wedding day. It was about -35 degrees outside that day, extremely cold siberian weather!
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- 22 С degrees, Siberia. Isn't a good time for wedding? :-) Frozen winter wedding photosession! I really satisfied today, because everything was perfect in spite of the fact that it was extremely cold today. I didn't feel my fingers from time to time, but the result cost this, no doubts! Give a look at this photo!
Winter wedding
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