This place i really love. It's a part of my life! Every time i visit it i feel myself such on the top of my dreams. Alpine skiing right above the clouds, can you imagine this?
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I neven seen such beautiful Petersburg before.
Snowy Petersburg
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It's wintertime and i've just recalled the russian open cup, which took place in Novosibirsk in spring 2007. It was last race of season, and some great world stars of biathlon took a part in this competition. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Ricco Gross, Kati Wilhelm, Lars Berger and Halward Hanevold. I'm happy because of that chance to see them, and speak to them a bit.
BJOERNDALEN Ole Einar Ricco Gross Kati Wilhelm BJOERNDALEN Ole Einar Kati Wilhelm Me and Ricco Gross Me and BJOERNDALEN Ole Einar
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