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Photogrpaher in Bali

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Morning in Bali. You leave the room of your luxurious hotel, take a cup of excellent coffee and set off to some beautiful sandy beach, just to sunbathe under palm trees to the accompaniment of the ocean.

Not bad, but what will you remember in a couple of years? We offer our version, which you will remember for all your life!

Morning in Bali. You walk out of your bungalow… Breathe in the incredible smell of orchids and admire the colorful sunrise over the ocean…

You cycle through the natural jungle and mango groves and reach the foot of an extinct volcano… where in the morning silence you take a cup of strong Sumatran coffee.

And then, after a thrilling ATV-racing across the vast rice fields, you have the only wish – to take a bath… well, straight off – to try surfing!

So you rush towards the ocean splashes and having straddled your surfboard for the first time you feel indescribable rapture and with no doubt you resolve: “Tomorrow I’ll repeat!” ;)

But now it’s time to go! For there’s a little helicopter in the air… It has come to take you and your loved one away to the most secluded beach of Bali…

And here you are. Just two of you on the whole coast, sitting at the lone table with exotic dinner.

There is a warm smell of the ocean in the air, evening breeze is tousling your salty hair and you are holding your hands and watching the sun setting straight into the deep of the ocean…

We find the best places and create unusual events for you to experience the most vivid emotions during your travels.

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